Kirill Goryunov@kgoryunov

Kirill Goryunov

I'm an award-winning musician and entrepreneur based in LA and SF.

In 2019, I introduced a human equity asset class (HCBA) that allows investing in people directly, and founded the creator economy pioneer HumanIPO.

Before that, I helped to build one of the largest DCB payment platforms ($250m+ ARR) in Southeast Asia as the first techinical person, led the development of several new products at Google NYC, and dropped out of my PhD in CS.

I'm also a musician and a multi-instrumentalist, more on this page.

I'm interested in meeting new people in technology, music, and investing.
Angel investor in 10+ early-stage technology founders and creators.

In the Media

The Information - A Market for Buying Shares of Creators Finds Its Way

Front Office Sports - HumanIPO Lets You Buy Shares of Pelé

Wired - A Startup Takes 'Investing in People' Literally

HackerNoon - Invest in People, Not Companies

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