The future is yet to be created

November 8, 2023 (7mo ago) · @kgoryunov

I don't want to play with you anymore

Every new thing starts with an idea, a belief, or a passion. New ideas rarely come from nothing; they emerge from the things we love, are curious about, or inherit from other ideas that surround us.

The future is not predetermined, it is to be created

Every time I look at a blank canvas, I always see an idea of what I want to create. As I start working on the idea, it never plays out the way I originally envisioned it. Something will be different, to a greater or lesser extent. Same with music. Same with everything else.

When new ideas come into the real world, we don’t know where they are at first — whether they will be carried along by the wind or against it. There are so many things that are vague and may have an invisible connection to each other, which can make our original idea react to the world in any possible direction we think of or not. As we work on the idea, it evolves and changes, as if it has its own character.

Embrace the chaos

As we put our first line on the canvas, we add another one – we are still not sure what will be the result. We simply keep adding more lines to it, trying other colors, different brushes. Following intuition, making right and wrong choices, repainting them over is the way we create new things.

As we add more and more, we’re starting to see something. Sometimes we know exactly what lines are missing, and sometimes we start from the beginning. The key is to keep adding the lines. Artists often say that a work of art can never be truly finished. You can stop working on it, but it will never be completed — there will always be something to improve and change.

Status quo bias

Chaos in a creative context can be described as an infinite process of reorganization in order to achieve a new state, where the state itself is not a final destination, but a step in an ongoing process.

To create something new, we have to be comfortable with our own chaos as a state of mind. We work, adjust, then work again, then adjust again. And as we go further, we find more questions and less answers. We look for the answers, but we don't know if the questions were correct.

Like true artists, we add new lines to our own blank canvases through many unknowns to create the image we're searching for. And as we go further and continue adding, we don’t know what the final portrait will look like because the future is always uncertain.


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