Why Threads (Twitter clone) is a smart move by Meta

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Threads vs. Twitter

Threads vs. Twitter

Meta is set to release their Threads app, a Twitter clone, tomorrow, and I think this is an amazing experiment and a very smart move by Meta. Here's why:

1/ New users with higher LTV

The most powerful users of Twitter are very different from the most powerful users of Instagram. The average LTV of Twitter's power users is generally higher, so it makes a lot of sense to target them.

Also, there are a bunch of people that use Twitter every day, but not really using Instagram, except within their close circle.

2/ New marketing channel for brands

Almost every brand is already using Meta to run their ads, and it is massive.

Marketing never works, or it's too expensive. When a new channel appears, you have to utilize it quickly before every other brand jumps in and it stops working.

3/ Incubator for new ideas

Launching it as a separate app gives Meta a way to identify those who are ready for "real changes". Meta can experiment with new ideas like subscriptions, digital collectibles, etc., without the risk of people getting tired of them.

4/ Protocol for the social internet

Threads users will be able to log in with their existing social data. You won’t need to gain followers starting from zero, simply “import” people you are already connected with on Instagram, facebook, etc.

That will be a great example of a compostable social graph, something that web3 projects like Farcaster, sGraph.io, Lens, and others are trying to bring to the masses.

5/ Perfect timing

I love Twitter a lot, but things are becoming less stable. I believe the real problem is a lack of transparency. People are generally fine with changes if there is a genuine promise for a better future, rather than just "continuous changes."


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